Best Menstrual Cup For High Cervix And Heavy Flow 2022 [Top Rated]

If you are in the market for a new product, you will want to check out our list of the 10 best menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flowS. We’ve done the research so you do not have to, and we can guarantee that you will not find a better selection of products anywhere else. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our list today!

Top 10 Best Menstrual Cup For High Cervix And Heavy Flow Compared:

Our 10 Best Menstrual Cup For High Cervix And Heavy Flow Picks:

As we have already shared with you a list of the top menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flow, you should be able to pick the right one for you pretty easily. However, if you are looking for detailed description of what each product does, read on as we go one by one in detail.

1. Super Jennie Menstrual Cup - Large Capacity Period Cup for...

Super Jennie Menstrual Cup - Large Capacity Period Cup for...
  • Made with highest quality medical-grade silicone that is approved by the U.S. FDA. Manufactured in the USA in manufacturing units that have stringent quality control measures in place.
  • The most well rounded cup on market! Highly raved about by several menstrual cup support groups on FB. Great for all cervixes, including high, medium, and low! Greatly loved by users! Read more customer reviews on Super Jennie website.
  • Comfortable and extremely hygienic with very minimal chances of leakage. Great for women with heavy flow and for who has a busy lifestyle. This cup has great capacity and can last you all day! 🙂
  • Easy to insert and remove; Holds up to 1.41 Oz (41.61 ml); Holds more than other cups on market; Comes with its own storage pouch for added convenience.
  • Twin Value Pack! A high quality menstrual cup that is affordably priced. Comes with guarantee of quality and safety, as it is Made in USA

2. Super Jennie Small Menstrual Cup - High Capacity Period Cup...

Super Jennie Small Menstrual Cup - High Capacity Period Cup...
  • SUPER HERO COMFORT Our personal cup is made with the highest quality, FDA registered, 100% medical grade silicone, so that it is extremely comfortable to wear. You won't even know it’s there! Proudly made in the U.S.A. and quality guaranteed.
  • EASY TO USE This period cup is specially designed to be thick on the rim, but soft on the rest of the cup, to make it easy for women to insert and remove. This makes participating in all your sports and other activities, as easy as any other day.
  • BATTLES OLD SCHOOL PROTECTION No more running out of essentials, or spending too much money on, high priced feminine hygiene products, with the Super Jennie, tampons and pads are obsolete.
  • SAVING THE DAY with no more messy leaks. The Super Jennie is virtually leak proof. You'll never have to worry about ruined underwear, stained sheets, leaky messes or embarrassing odor again.
  • EVERYONE'S IDOL, EVERY TIME Whether you are a first time or experienced user, and are having heavy or light flow, the Super Jennie is a true hero when it comes to taking care of your periods.

3. New Best Periodt Menstrual Cup - High Capacity Flexible...

New Best Periodt Menstrual Cup - High Capacity Flexible...
  • Comes with a counter-cute, discrete, yellow, hygienic carrying case (not the cheap, lint-producing baggies others come with) + an easy-to-read & follow, full-color user guide booklet included.
  • Super high quality menstrual cup: 100% Medical Grade Silicone USA Made & FDA Registered in an ISO 13485 Certified Environment. BPA Free and free of latex, dyes & plastics.
  • Unique Giveback: $1 from each cup sold goes towards ending Child Trafficking.
  • OBGyn approved & recommended (and many swear they're the most comfortable cup on the market).
  • Higher Capacity & Time-saving: Our cups hold more than most on the market. Which means fewer changes for you. Holds 8 regular pads / tampons worth / tampons, Soft, 12 Hr Leak-Free Protection with an Easy-Grip 1-of-a-Kind Stem & up to 12 hours of comfortable leak-free protection

4. FemmyCycle Reusable Menstrual Cup - Soft Silicone Period...

FemmyCycle Reusable Menstrual Cup - Soft Silicone Period...
  • EASY TO INSERT & REMOVE - Our leading tampon and pad alternative features a foldable rim, offers more comfortable insertion, and the easy removal ring for effortless retrieval, even for beginners!
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE - FemmyCycle’s cup for women uses soft silicone that is flexible and comfortable for all day comfort. The patented “wine glass” design forms to your shape, stays put, and prevents leaking - even forming a gentle suction that can help reduce cramping.
  • PATENTED NO-LEAK & NO SPILL DESIGN - 12 hours of leak-free protection and a patented foldable rim with a spill-free design offers clean, easy removal you can trust all day.
  • REGULAR SIZE - Our regular sanitary cup is our most popular cup size among our global Femmy Family due to its unique shape and versatility. Holding up to 30 mL of fluid, this size is ideal for normal, medium & heavy flow days.
  • MEDICAL GRADE, DOCTOR INVENTED - Reusable for years and easy to clean! Made from 100% soft medical-grade silicone that is BPA-free, vegan-friendly and contains no harsh chemicals, artificial colors, or toxins. The FemmyCycle feminine cup is made and packaged in the USA.

5. Pixie Soft Reusable Menstrual Disc - Period Discs for Women...

Pixie Soft Reusable Menstrual Disc - Period Discs for Women...
  • Say Goodbye to Period Blood Stains. Tired of scrubbing your favorite underwear? Pixie Reusable Menstrual Discs comfortably hug your cervix and are held in place by your pubic bone, preventing any leakage. One size fits every woman: Low or high cervix, light or heavy flow.
  • Easy to Insert and Remove. With a soft cup portion that molds to your body and a springy firm rim that bends seamlessly, you’ll be able to insert Pixie Soft Disc with ease. Plus our unique silicone stem with a grip tip ensures removal is hassle-free.
  • 12 Hour Comfort. A sustainable alternative to tampons, pads, and disposable discs, Pixie Disc is made out of reusable, extra soft medical-grade silicone. Our disc’s high capacity holds the equivalent of 3 super tampons, meaning longer wear time without the risk of TSS, odor, or leaks. Its natural seal at the base of your cervix eliminates suction and pressure, creating a no-feel fit. Collects vs. absorbs blood, reducing dryness and cramps.
  • MESS FREE PERIOD SEX: Flat fit design and placement allows you to enjoy intimacy without the mess. Provides worry-free leak protection for restful sleep, sex, and exercise.
  • We’ve Got Your Back. We’re here to help you make the switch to a sustainable period by giving you our worry-free, 100% happiness guarantee. If for any reason your Pixie Disc doesn’t end up working out for you, just contact us for a full refund, even if it’s months later.

6. Viv Menstrual Cups with Ring for Easy Removal - Soft and...

Viv Menstrual Cups with Ring for Easy Removal - Soft and...
  • MEDICAL-GRADE QUALITY: Made from premium medical-grade silicone that doesn't contain BPA, latex, plastic or dye, you can use this menstrual cup with confidence. With proper care, it can last up to 10 years which is a great option for environmentally-conscious menstruators to provide complete protection during their period.
  • COMFORTABLE PROTECTION: Designed with comfort in mind, our reusable menstrual cups are flexible and soft that allows you to move freely during your daily activities. This is also odorless and won't cause irritation, dryness, and itching, unlike other conventional menstrual pads and tampons.
  • LEAKPROOF: The Viv silicone cup can hold 3 tampons and pads worth of liquid and lets you to enjoy up to 12 hours of leak-free periods all day and night. Our Viv period cup comes with a small size for teens and first-time users and large size for post-birth menstruators. For first-time users, we suggest to choose a size small to start.
  • EASY TO USE: Built with a ring stem, our pull tab period cup makes insertion and removal a breeze. To use, simply fold the menstrual cup in half and insert it as you would a tampon. We highly recommend practicing the folds as well as trying out a couple to find the most comfortable insert technique for you.
  • STAY ACTIVE: Have more time doing your workouts and other daily routine, and less time worrying about your period with our Viv menstrual cup with ring. When placed correctly, you won't feel the cup inside your body giving you the freedom of movement at home, school, work and travel.

7. Venus Large Menstrual Cup – High Capacity for Heavy Flow...

Venus Large Menstrual Cup – High Capacity for Heavy Flow...
  • We listened! After years of collecting thousands of real feedback responses from new and experienced users, we realized that every little detail matters - the shape, size, firmness, capacity, and silicone quality, are just the tip of the iceberg. Our team listened! We reviewed common complaints and concerns, and after several designs and many changes, we created a quality period cup that we think you’ll love!
  • Quality care - There is no reason to take a chance when it comes to your body and your personal health! The Venus cup is manufactured and packaged in the USA, is ISO Certified and made of 100% medical grade silicone. Each cup is closely inspected before it's packed. The Venus cup is also BPA, latex, phthalates, and toxin free!
  • Inserting and removing the Venus cup - The Venus Cup was designed with a soft, pliable silicone to be easily folded and held while inserting, yet have just the right amount of firmness in the rim to help it open when the fold is released. To ease the removal process, the base of the Venus Cup was designed with a unique pattern for maximum contact, and the stem is a series of “cones”, which allows for a good grip and/or trimming guide.
  • Quality service - Each Venus Cup package includes a very detailed and illustrated user manual to help guide you through Folding, Inserting, Removing, Cleaning, Care & Storage, and Tips & Troubleshooting, whether you’re new to using Menstrual Cups or are an experienced user. We want your experience to be successful, either way. Should you need further assistance, the Venus Cup team is always happy to help!
  • Choosing size - choose a size based on your comfort & needs during your menstrual flow: Size small may be more comfortable for new users, teens, someone with a low cervix, or someone with a light to moderate flow. Size large may be more comfortable & easy to reach for those with a medium to a high cervix, or someone with a moderate to heavy flow. Still not sure? Pick up the Starter kit to try both sizes at an affordable cost.

8. ThunderFit Silicone Wedding Ring for Men, Breathable with...

ThunderFit Silicone Wedding Ring for Men, Breathable with...
  • True Commitment - Any Place, Any Time - Maximum Safety - workout, gym, weight lifting, water sports, trekking, climbing or any other physical activity? Our silicone wedding bands will be great in replacing your formal wedding band to keep it safe from being scratched or damaged. It is also perfect for extreme duties & manual labor work such as - constructions, military duties, renovation, painting and more.
  • A Must For An Active Lifestyle – Our silicone flexible wedding ring have an awesome smooth ergonomic design on the top combined with a perfect comfort fit design on the inside. All the combined with an amazing classic wedding ring design, create the perfect silicone wedding ring – by ThunderFit
  • Top Grade, Hypoallergenic, Flexible Silicone - Our silicone wedding ring made of safe, durable, high quality flexible silicone. Designed to break away when too much pressure is applied. The flexibility of this ring is also perfect for those with large knuckles or temporary swollen fingers.
  • The Perfect Gift Idea - Our silicone wedding ring is the best idea for a cool & trendy gift – Usually given for anniversary, for her birthday, Valentines and more..
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – With this 100% Money Back Guarantee you can rest assured that even if the slightest thing won’t match your expectations, you can easily get your money back.

9. Talisi Menstrual Cups Set of 2 with Collapsible Silicone...

Talisi Menstrual Cups Set of 2 with Collapsible Silicone...
  • We only use 100% medical grade silicone to make our feminine menstration cups to handle daily use
  • Our feminine products are flexible and soft so you can comfortably wear wash them throughout the day
  • Easy to insert and remove the silicone cup menstrual stay in place to collect up to 12 hours of flow
  • Set includes sterilizing menstrual cup holder cleaner provides effortless cleanup for long term use
  • Feminine soft period cup for beginners can be used by teens or post childbirth heavy flow low cervix

10. Menstrual Cups Set of 3 Medical Grade Silicone Reusable...

Menstrual Cups Set of 3 Medical Grade Silicone Reusable...
  • BEST VALUE - 3 reusable menstrual cups made of 100% medical grade silicone. Perfect for new and frequent time users with light to heavy periods. Leak-Proof technology and up to 12 hours protection. Our cup is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and cruelty-free with no risk of getting TSS
  • ZERO WASTE - lifespan of Leya Cup with proper care is up 10 years. During this time frame, on average, a woman uses 2400 tampons and pads. So, every woman, who switched to Leya Cup will save the environment for one truckload of waste in 10 years
  • EASY TO INSERT & REMOVE - meet the Leya Cup with incredibly soft edges, which folds as you like promoting ultimate comfort. It's never been that easy to use the cup! For your convenience, we've created the most easy-to-follow manual guide.
  • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT - with Leya Cup, you can run, bike, swim, and stay active day and night. You wouldn't feel the cup inside your body. Make a step towards an environmentally friendly, convenient and cheap alternative to tampons and pads.
  • 24/7 ASSISTANCE- if you have any questions and concerns regarding the product or its use, you can contact us at any time. We support every woman, who chose Leya Cup. Forget about discomfort and enjoy every moment!

Best Menstrual Cup For High Cervix And Heavy Flow Buyers Guide

Choosing a menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flow may be intimidating. There are so many choices to make and they all appear to be ideal for your needs. This article will assist you in determining what characteristics to search for and how to narrow down your options so that you can discover the best menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flow for you!

Brand Value

menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flows are designed to ensure the highest quality of life, but with this comes higher prices.

When deciding on a menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flow you should determine how much value it will bring into your life and how often (and for what reasons) you are likely to use it.

If it is something that will be used frequently then perhaps spending a little extra for a good brand product is worth it, but if you are only going to use the menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flow a few times then products that are not from the popular brands can be picked.

Premium Materials

menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flows are usually made from some of the highest quality materials available on todays market. However, there are some low-quality products as well.

If you want a menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flow that will stand out and be noticed, then perhaps it is worth paying extra to get something truly special! If not, go for a balanced product that compromises both quality and prices.

Quality Construction

You should look for a product that is designed to last. It needs to function well repeatedly over long periods of time so the design must be durable enough to withstand heavy use and maintain its form. This comes at a cost, but it is worth remembering that menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flows are usually made to last – they are built to be used over the course of a long time!

Reasonably Priced

menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flows are not always the cheapest, but they can offer great value for money.

It is important to find a menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flow that meets your specific needs and falls within your budget. Remember, you do not have to break the bank to get a good product – there are many affordable options available!

Good Aftersales Service

You should also look for a product that comes with good aftersales service. This means you can easily get replacements, repairs, and refunds if your menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flow does not work well or stops working properly!

When purchasing online it is worth reading the terms of sale thoroughly to ensure this is possible before buying anything.

Universal Usage

Some menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flows can be used for multiple purposes. If you are looking to buy something that will see a lot of use, then it might be best to get one that is up-and-coming in the market rather than getting an older model on sale!

Summing Up

When it comes to finding the right product for you, there are many different factors. Durability and longevity play a big role in how long your purchase will last with ease of use being another crucial factor. Comfort is also an important aspect if you plan on using the product often or for a prolonged period of time. The warranty that accompanies the product will protect against any defects that might occur during its lifetime as well as give peace of mind from unforeseen accidents. Price can be very influential but does not always accurately reflect quality so make sure to do some research before deciding which type/brand you want to go with! In conclusion, we hope this guide has given you insight into what type of best menstrual cup for high cervix and heavy flow would best suit your needs and lifestyle.

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